About Us

About Us

Canare develops, manufactures, and provides the best audio and video cables, connectors, patchbays, and fiber-optic products for the television broadcast industry and the professional A/V market. Broadcast engineers, sound technicians, A/V facility integrators, design consultants and many leading OEM's rely on Canare's product, proven reliability and top notch customer service.




“To always be a manufacturer of superior value and meet the challenges of any era.”

The basic principle of our management team at Canare is to continuously expand the reputation and value of our company and face head-on the challenges of the times. Our chief aim is for customers to look to us as their best partner of choice, worthy of their complete trust and support. Canare also strives to remain a company that meets the expectations of our customers, suppliers, and our employees who embody our corporate mission and form the foundation of our community




In 1970, Kimio Kawamoto founded Canare in Nagoya, Japan. He took the company name from the river nearby the office, named “Kanare” river. The company took a major growing-up with innovative microphone cable which is hi-quality, low noise, variety of colors and smooth, in 1977.


1970 (Sep)       Founded in Nagoya, Japan.

1974 (Feb)       Incorporated as Canare Electric Co., Ltd.

1974 (Dec)      Released Multichannel Audio Snake Cable.

1977 (Oct)       Released Color Microphone Cable.

1981 (Jun)       Released Fixed Use Microphone Cable.

1983 (Feb)       Established Sales Company in California, USA.

1983 (Nov)      Canare Harness Co., Ltd. in Nagoya, Japan established.

1987 (Feb)       Released True 75Ω BNC connector.

1989 (Jun)       Released True 75Ω Dual Video Jack.

1991 (Dec)      Registered to an over-the-counter stock in the Japanese Securities Dealers Association.

1993 (Mar)      Launched Nano-Tech Laboratory in Nagoya, Japan.

1996 (Jun)       Canare Electric (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. established.

1999 (Nov)      Canare Corporation of Korea established.

2000 (Nov)      Canare Japan certified ISO9001.

2001 (Jun)       Canare Corporation of Taiwan, established.

2003 (Apr)      Canare Electric (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. established.

2004 (Feb)       Canare Corporation of Tianjin established.

2004 (May)     Canare Japan certified ISO14001.

2006 (Dec)      Listed on the second section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.

2006 (Dec)      Listed on the second section of Nagoya Stock Exchange.

2007 (Dec)      Canare France S.A.S. established.

2007 (Dec)      Listed on the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.

2007 (Dec)      Listed on the first section of Nagoya Stock Exchange.

2008 (May)     Canare Singapore Private Ltd. established.

2011 (Mar)      Canare System Works Co., Ltd., established in TokyoJapan.

2012 (May)     Canare Tech Corporation established in YokohamaJapan.