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Fiber-Optic Systems

3G-SDI EO/OE Converters

Canare EO3G/OE3G series, the new line of 3G-SDI capable optical converters are ideal for applications that require the signal quality and integrity to be at its best over long distance transmissions such as in mobile productions, event venues, and within or between broadcast facilities.

3G-SDI Repeater

Equalizes and reclocks 3G/HD/SD-SDI signals to extend the transmission distance over a coaxial cable.

HD-SDI EO/OE Converters

Multi format - HD-SDI (up to 1.485Gbps), SD-SDI and DVB-ASI, embedded audio capable, handles pathological test pattern, no-reclocker models support wide bit rate range (50Mbps to 1485Mbps), compact design - Maximum 16 mudules within 1RU, hot swappable, cost effective and easy to use - BNC and SC-type connector.

Analog Video Optical Converters

Supports both NTSC and PAL video signals, tri-Level Sync can be transmitted and extends communications up to 45 km (condition: line loss 0.5dB/km)

AES 3id Optical Converters

Multiplex and optically convert AES signals from up to 8 ports (16 audio channels) to allow them to be transmitted over long distance, supports 8 wavelengths CWDM; enables max. 64 ports (128 audiochannels) signals to transmit over a single optical fiber, AES-3id-1995 and SMPTE 276M, fully asynchronous multiplex transmission, word clock can be transmitted (30kHz to 50kHz) and dolby-E compatible.

Analog Audio Optical Converters

Enables line level audio signals to transmit long distance over a fiberoptic cable, 8 channel transmission (4-channel inputs/4-channel outputs), maximum input/output voltage: +24 dBu (balanced) and supports 600 ohm input by each channel with selector switches.

100BASE-TX Optical Converters

Media converters for Fast Ethernet 100BASE-TX (does not support other ethernet standards such as 10BASET/ 1000BASE-T), auto MDI/MDX, extends communications up to 30 km (condition: line loss 0.5 dB/km) and bi-directional optical interface.

RS-422/RS-232 Optical Converters

TIA-422, SMPTE 207M, RS-232, usable in a case of RS-422 <=> RS-232, extends communications up to 34 km (condition: line loss 0.5dB/km) and bi-directional optical interface.

CWDM Mux/Demux

Canare CW series is bi-directional Mux/DeMux of up to 16 wavelengths. You can send/receive 16ch of HD-SDI signals in one fiber. Incredibly compact module FCWDM-8B enables 8 EO/OE modules and CWDM within 1RU frame.

Optical Splitter

Divides single optical input into multiple optical output, passive and stand-alone products, can be loaded into platform for Canare plug-in unit, easy to use - Just plug in SC-type connectors and low insertion loss.

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