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Connector Panels and Patchbays

75Ω Video Patchbays

3G-ready HD-SDI video patchbays featuring Canare’s uniquely-developed rotary switches.  

75Ω Dual Video Jacks

Rotary switch has been improved for superior isolation. Also usable as digital audio patchbay, can be recessed 25mm, wide designation strip (2RU type) and lightweight aluminum alloy video jacks.  

75Ω Staggered Mid-size Video Patchbays

3G-ready mid-size video jacks allow for more efficient use of rack space.  

75Ω Staggered Mid-size Video Jacks3

32 channels of I/O into 1RU or 2RU, 96 channels of I/O into 4RU. Rotary switch has been improved for superior isolation, can be recessed 25mm (1RU, 2RU type), wide designation strip (2RU, 4RU type), lightweight aluminum alloy video jacks and industry standard BNC plugs can be used.  

Mini-WECO Video Plug

Return loss: 26 dB or greater (DC - 1.5GHz), 20dB or greater (DC - 2.4GHz), gold-plated center contact resists deterioration over years of use and solder center contact and crimp sleeve.  

Video Conversion Connectors


RS422 Patchbays

The RS422 serial signal used for VTR remote applications can now be switched with Bantam patchbay ease.  

Audio Patchbays

The gold alloy cross bar contact, which features a low faulty contact rate, is used for the jacks.  

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